Bademli House

This beach house sits in a densely planted olive grove in Bademli on the edge of the Aegean Sea. The site slopes gently to the sea but because of the trees, the sea is not visible.

A winding but continuous path is inscribed into the site between the entrance and the sea, without removing any of the trees. From the parking area to the 100-meter construction limit line, the winding path remains level, becoming the roof of the house which emerges as the ground slopes down towards the sea.

The winding house/path consists of two separate wings, guest quarters and family quarters, with an outdoor courtyard connecting between them. The house/path acts as a viaduct. It is built of pigmented concrete walls and precast concrete louvers. The rooms of the house are very thin and exposed to the prevailing breeze coming from the south but protected from the sun by a louvered facade. The bedrooms have built-in bunkbeds. The wind-catchers of the bedrooms double as sunbathing benches. A green roof minimizes heat loss and gain. The excavated earth for footings and foundation is used on site to create a series of small mounds that animate the landscape.


Project Team: Hashim Sarkis, Cynthia Gunadi, Mete Sonmez, Cheyne Owens, Robert Karam, Daniel Stanislaw