Pre-school and Community Center

These two buildings sit in the landscape close to the Agricultural Center for the North (CAN) on the same olive plateau. They respond to two kinds of rotation in the geometry of the olive trees. The preschool captures the diagonal of the grid perceived as a result of the bend in the road and fixes it as the orthogonal system of the school. The youth center compensates for the loss of order in the geometry as a result of the rotation in the topography by covering the site at that moment with a rotated-grid canopy.

Each of the two buildings responds to the ground plane differently. The preschool digs into the ground but maintains the original placement of the olive trees while its roof follows the slope of the terrain. The youth center maintains the original ground plane but its roof slopes in the opposite direction of the ground’s slope. The project was never realized and its programs were folded into CAN.


Project Team: Hashim Sarkis, Brian Mulder