Dhour House

On a very steep and narrow site overlooking Mount Sannine, the house was to be located at about 20 meters below the street. In order to capture the best view and site width. As such, a funicular was introduced to link the arrival level with the living area. The arrival level along the street is a terrace with parking with an independent guest room underneath. The main house area consists of a series of terraces with the central terrace acting as a central courtyard and the adjacent two enclosed to become the house. The terraces between the guest and main house consist of a vegetable garden and an orchard. The site outside the limits of the terraces and the setback lines is left sloping enhancing the geometry of the house and its role as a measuring device for the slope and the view.


Credits: Marcela Delgado, Cynthia Gunadi, Wissam Chaaya, Boulos Douaihy, Charif Tabet, Sharifa Abdulsalam.