Yarze Housing Project

Located on one of the dramatic slopes of the Yarzeh Hills, the project enhances the special attributes of the terrain and view and brings them into every unit. The ten buildings are placed on the slope in such a way as to preserve the natural topography of the Yarzeh hills while providing each apartment with a ground level terrace or roof deck. The buildings also maximize on the panoramic view to the north/north-west though a floor to ceiling window system that opens to the view of Beirut and the surrounding hillscape. The spaces between the buildings and around them are planted with trees that are typical of the region so that the project blends with the surrounding.

Architecturally, the buildings attempt to blend with the landscape by integrating greenery on the roof and in the space between the outer glass screen in front of the balconies and the inner façade. The side elevations have the color of the earth and the terraces of the units are all integrated into the surrounding landscape. The front glass façade is suspended in front of the building giving it a very light effect. This façade also create a common green area behind it and it provides a unified system for the balcony glazing. The lobbies of the lower buildings are carved into the natural rocks creating a deep grotto effect that leads to a strongly contrasting and well lit glass elevator lobby. The lobbies of the upper buildings are in contrast open to the view.

Each apartment has two entrances, one to the main living areas and one to the kitchen and service areas. All the main rooms share the panoramic view enabled by the floor to ceiling glass system. The loft effect is further enhanced by the openness of the living dining space to the entrance and by the relatively high ceilings. In addition to the balconies that look over the view, each apartment has access to an outdoor terrace that could be planted, giving the sense that every floor is a ground floor but also suspended in the sky.

The palette of finishes is consistent with the modern luxury character of the building, with large TALA beige tiling for the main living areas and minimalist fixtures and details applied to heighten the elegance and simplicity of the overall project.